Hanne Boel

Hanne Boel is a Danish singer. Find her content and social media presences here. (Pic screen grab).

Hanne Boel - Wikipedia

Hanne Boel (born 31 August 1957 in Bagsværd, Copenhagen) is a Danish singer. Boel covers in her songs a range of styles including pop, soul, gospel, rock, and jazz. Over the course of her career, she has sold over 2.5 million records,[1] and has had great success on the Scandinavian charts, although her work is less well known throughout the rest of the world. 1 Life 2 Discography 2.1...

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Hanne Boel

Velkommen til Hanne Boels officielle Youtube-kanal, hvor du kan se gamle live-optrædender, nye studieindspilninger & hidtil ukendte demoer.

Hanne Boel

Hanne Boel. 4K likes. Hanne Boel's officielle facebookside, hvor det vil være muligt, at uploade videoer, fotos, beskeder samt høre snaser og officielle videoer med Hanne Boel.

hanne boel